James Foster's legal practice specializes in technological companies.

He grew up in Gillette, Wyoming then attended the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science. He has worked at Microsoft for seventeen years specializing in web services, machine learning, and anti-malware.

With his international industry experience, James is able to vigorously advocate on behalf of technological companies: he understands their business.

Lincoln Goddard's legal practice is all about helping the client, both in their current claims and also in ensuring security and growth in their overall business.

Lincoln was born and grew up in New England where he went to college and received a Bachelors in Philosophy from Bard College in New York. Now out in the great Pacific Northwest, Lincoln is happy to call Seattle his home. For over three years Lincoln has worked as a legal professional in a maritime defense firm, assisting a wide range of commercial clients including those in the shipping, construction, salvage, and tug and barge industries, amongst others, and working to secure transactions and establish good business practices against the particularities of maritime law.

When not assisting clients, Lincoln can often be found running, hiking, or exploring the area.

Our Mission

A business is not a simple thing; it is moving pieces that have to fit together. It has a past and a future, and it has very real needs. At FGH, LLP we understand this and our goal in every instance is to work with and for our clients to ensure their business success and to protect their interests. We have experience with a broad range of commercial clients and issues, ranging from the quite large to the quite small, including industry leaders in the technology, aeronautics, real estate, and maritime sectors. Our attorneys regularly assist with commercial litigation, business formation and transactions, as well as in large-scale bankruptcy matters. Whoever the client may be, we endeavor to work with the client, to learn about their business and interests, and to always work with the big picture in mind.

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Disclaimer: this is not a real law firm and no legal services can be provided; it is a college project :-)

Pieter Hoolboom's legal practice is focused on helping and building trust with clients.

Pieter was born and raised in Seattle Washington, graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in History. For two years Pieter has worked as a Project Supervisor for a bankruptcy and Class action group, working in a team that handles some of the largest on-going bankruptcy cases.

Pieter's diverse experiences helps him understand his clients and gives him an initiative to truly want to help them resolve their issues.

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